Bay Lakes SAY announces use of RainedOut
By:  Bill Bartelme
Updated:  04/10/2013 at 3:55 AM


Bay-lakes Area Soccer is using the system RainedOut to alert everyone to field closings and other time sensitive messages. You may receive notice by cell phone text message, email or by going to the Bay-Lakes home page.  THIS WILL BE THE ONLY NOTIFICATION YOU WILL RECEIVE FOR FIELD CLOSINGS AND SOME OTHER EVENTS.  Anyone may opt in for text message notice, email notice, or both.

Coaches please pass this information to your parents and players, they may opt in to this messaging system the same as you. They will then receive league messages at the same time as you making it easier to keep your team informed of key information.  The more people who sign up the better this system will work. The league will only use this system for time sensitive information.  There is no cost to you except fees your cell phone carrier may charge for text messages if you are paying by the message. RainedOut keeps all your information strictly confidential your information will not even be shared with Bay-Lakes so we will  assume that you are using one of the methods below to get your messages. If you signed up last year you should still be signed up.

The following are instructions for opting into this notification system.


            Text "BAYLAKES" to 84483 to receive ALL messages from Bay-Lakes SAY.


Click on the RainedOut logo at the bottom of the Bay-lakes home page and follow the


Click on the RainedOut logo at the bottom of the Bay-lakes home page and follow the
 instructions. Note: If you are using web mail be sure to open a new tab in your web browser to retrieve the validation code from your email and then return to the RainedOut tab to enter the code.


            You may also view ALL Bay-Lakes messages on the Web  at  Current messages if there are any will be streaming at the top of the home page.

Please become familiar with the WEATHER POLICY (under the policy and procd. tab) on the Bay-Lakes web site  There’s also other information contained there that will make your season much more informed i.e. schedules, standings, rules and laws of the game, news, feedback forms, admin documents, board meeting minutes, and policies and procedures,

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U14 boys: 1st GB West-Maroon
                   2nd GBE Gandrud-Royal
U16 boys: 1st Pulaski Gemini Plastics-Orange
                   2nd GBE Gandrud-Indigo
U19 boys: 1st GBE Gandrud-Orange
                   2nd GB West-Green
U15 girls:1st GBE Gandrud 1-Orange
                 2nd GBE Gandrud 10-Lemon
U19 girls: 1st DePere-Lime
                  2nd DePere-Teal

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